Attorney Staff

  • Bonnie Nussbaum:  Assistant to Randy Stamper and Conni Stamper
  • Kirsty Womble:  Assistant to Alan Rubens
  • Amanda Tweedy:  Assistant to Alan Rubens and Steven O. Anderson
  • Barbara Brown:  Assistant to Michael Church and Asta Margaryan
  • Krystle Giles: Assistant to Michael Church, Hailey Landrus and Asta Margaryan
  • Laurel Vitale:  Assistant to Matthew Ries and Timothy Brandle
  • Cathy Behling:  Assistant to Edward Turner and Steven Anderson
  • Teri Hollis:  Assistant to Kyle Nolte and Real Estate Assistant
  • Renee Hazard:  Assistant to Kyle Nolte
  • Mona Gonzales -- Real Estate Assistant

Corporate Staff

  • Cora Jelinek - Bookkeeper
  • Tammy Summers - Receptionist
  • Analise Norton - Office Assistant